Yellow Rose String Quartet

Classical and Contemporary Music for your Special Event

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I hire you? What do I need to do?

You call Annette Kebsch at (360) 301-1955 (Mobile) or email her at to discuss your event.  Once you have established a clear program for your event, Annette will determine the costs involved, contact you, and have you download, complete, sign, and send the performance contract to her.  Scan & email the contract to Annette.  After doing this, mail the original contract to:

   Yellow Rose String Quartet

   12506 Pavilion Court

   Tomball, TX 77377

Include your 30% non-refundable deposit unless you have paid your deposit online through The Bash powered by Gig Masters.

Where are you willing to perform?

We are willing to perform anywhere within 65 miles of Tomball, TX.

What do you charge?

For corporate events please contact us for a price quote.  For weddings, parties, receptions, etc. we need to know what kind of ensemble you would like (soloist with piano accompaniment, duo, trio, or quartet), the location of the special event, whether or not you have special pieces you need arranged, and the length of the special event so we can determine the cost.

Once I have paid my deposit, when do I pay the remaining balance?

The remaining balance is due one week before the event takes place.

Do you accept checks and credit cards?

We do accept personal checks if the payment is received one week (or sooner) before the event takes place and the check clears the bank before the date of the event.  For your convenience we also accept PayPal and can accept Visa, Master Card, American Express, and Discover credit card payments through PayPal.  A 3.5% fee will be charged for use of PayPal and this 3.5% fee should be paid by personal check or cashier's check.  Our preference for event payments is Chase QuickPay, cash, or cashier’s cheques.

You do not need to have a Chase Bank account to use Chase QuickPay. Simply go to to enroll.

I don't know that much about music. Can you help me make my selections?

We can work with you to find the right kind of music for your special event.

When will you arrive?

It only takes us a few minutes to get set up but we usually arrive 10-30 minutes before we begin playing.

What kind of set up do you need to perform?

We will need an armless chair for each musician.  If you have requested a pianist for your event, we will need a tuned piano or a keyboard with a full set of weighted keys and a sustaining pedal.  We will need a performing location which protects our instruments from being bumped.

Should the ensamble be given food and drink?

Although it is not required, it is certainly a nice gesture to provide the ensemble with a little something to eat and drink if the ensemble has to travel a lengthy distance to the venue or if the ensemble is hired to play for several hours.  For one hour events it is always nice to be offered a bottle of water.

Do clients tip the ensamble?

Giving a tip is certainly the decision of the client.   We are providing a personal service and clients who are pleased with our service usually do tip us to show their gratitude.  Tips are greatly appreciated.  We work very hard to make each event as special as we can.

What if we decide we need you to play longer on the day of the event?

If we have the time available, we will extend our performance.  Payment for the additional time should be received before the event begins.

If one of the musicians gets sick or has an unavoidable conflict, what do you do?

We have backup musicians who are fully qualified to substitute.

May I request a special song or piece?

Certainly.  If the piece is already in our repertoire there will be no additional charge.  If, however, an arrangement needs to be written there will be a fee of $95 for a string quartet arrangement and $85 for a string trio arrangement.

I have a friend singing at my special event. Can you accompany them?

Yes.  If an arrangement needs to be written there will be a fee.  Please provide us with either a musical score of the piece or a piano version of it.

What do the musicians wear?

We wear concert black unless you ask us to wear something else.

What if my event is outdoors and it starts raining?

As agreed upon in the contract, you should have provided us with shelter for our instruments and music if your event is outdoors.  We will perform as long as our instruments and music are protected from wind, rain, and sun.  The outdoor temperature also needs to be 60 degrees or higher.

What if we have to change the date of the event and we have already signed a contract with you and paid the deposit?

If we are available on the new date, we will amend the contract to reflect the change of dates.  If we are not available, we will retain the deposit and give you recommendations for replacement musicians.

Who created your beautiful website?

We selected Harbor Web Hosting, Inc. to develop and host our website.